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Wuhan better when building materials co., LTD. Is a collection of waterproof material research and development、Manufacturing、Product marketing、Technical consultation、Waterproof construction in the integration of national high and new technology enterprise。Products and services include labor Cheng waterproof、Special waterproof、Domestic outfit waterproofing system、Plugging reinforcing series, etc,Had better be series brand。 Wuhan company has better when building materials co., LTD. New beach branch production base,Equipped with international advanced production line equipment,Can produce waterproofing materials1000Square meters、Waterproof coating1000Tons。Radiation throughout the country Sales network,In a timely manner、To efficiently provide customers with products and services,Deeply trusted by customers。 The main productsPVCWaterproof material series,Modified asphalt waterproofing materials series,Since the waterproofing materialsSeries,Polyurethane waterproof coatingSeries,SBSWaterproofing materialsSeries,Plugging king,JSPolymer cement waterproof coating, etc。Product specification is complete,Stable performance。The company technical force is advanced、The quality management system,Equipped with advanced production equipment、Inspection equipment、 Advanced laboratory and waterproof performance laboratory,Can perform inspection for raw materials、Semi-finished products inspection、Finished goods inspection and material compressive strength、Permeability performance test, etc,To ensure the quality of the product,Company developed a new type of environmental protection Material is non-toxic harmless、No pollution、Ageing resistance、Corrosion resistance, etc。The company has a group of experienced、Quality is higher、To develop、Innovative talents。Provides the continuous development of company。 Wuhan beautiful when building materials co., LTD owns....

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