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      Shaoxing shangyu huafeng food machinery co., LTD is a professional production of fruits and vegetables cleaning machine,Quick-frozen food machine,Before drying dewatering machine and processing equipment,Fresh vegetables clean food processing production line,Salted vegetables pickles processing equipment,Bean sprouts production line,Plastic box、The plastic cover、Baking pan、Pad storehouse board cleaning production line,Rice dumplings processing production line,The size of the bamboo shoots shell equipment,Nuts shelling winnowing the production line,And all kinds of refrigeration evaporator and other products。

      Shaoxing shangyu huafeng food machinery co., LTD. As a professional development and production of food machinery enterprises,We uphold“In the glorious、Take honestly as this”Business philosophy,Stick to it“Create the first professional”The professional road!Will, as always, pay attention to the new technology at home and abroad、The introduction and application of new technology,The advanced、Recommend the first fruit and vegetable equipment and processing technology to new and old customers throughout the country,And provide technical design-Equipment manufacture-Installation and debugging-Personnel training, etc。To change our country fruit and vegetable processing,To make due contributions to development of China's fruit and vegetable processing......

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 The production line    Production line products   More and more+
  • Fresh vegetables(Clean vegetables)The production line
  • Canned pickled vegetable production line
  • Fruits and vegetables frozen pre-treatment production line
  • Nuts breaking wind of selecting kernel production line
  • Turnover box cleaning production line
  • The bamboo shoots(The shoot of MAO bamboo)(LeiSun)To the shell production line
  • Zongzi production line
 Single machine equipment    Equipment product   More and more+
Turnover box washer
Bubble desalination cleaning machine
Brush cleaning machine
High pressure cleaner
LDSeries of fluidization monomer quick-frozen device
SSD-KTunnel quamnet freezer with monomer
HFDLSeries single spiral quick-freezing device
Box-type dryer
Tunnel dryer
Single belt drier
Multi-layer dryer
Roller grader
Nuts separator
Round with classifier
Skip hoist
Model steel mesh belt conveyor
Chain conveyor
Steam box

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