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Garden into the boat decoration design engineering co., LTD. Is a collection of xiantao building decoration design、The budget、The construction、Materials in a body specialized xiantao decoration company,15 years of experience in decoration decoration,Adhering to the green environmental protection decoration vision,In xiantao decoration industry has a good reputation,Thousands of service customers,Xiantao decoration company is worth your trust,Decorate a beautiful home for you!Xiantao decoration company is worth your trust。Companies engaged in decoration industry for many years,With innovative design、Reasonable quotation,A group of professional construction team,To ensure that the construction of green environmental protection,Safety culture。 The company is acted on“Advocating freedom,Pursuit of perfection”The design concept,With advanced design concept、A reasonable budget price、The excellent construction technology,In the whole process of the high quality service,Sincere to every customer,Customized brand new、Grace、Comfortable life that occupy the home、Cultural space。Since the company since its establishment,Has been adhering to the staff“Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development”The management idea,Always adhere to customer needs and satisfaction as the core,In order to“The good faith”For the purpose,With high quality、Fine、Creative space decorative products to provide customers with greater value in return,So that the company continue to grow stronger。 2005Years10Month1The original into the boat decorated in qinghai province museum,For the province agriculture hall decoration agriculture exhibition hall all process and engineering quality is a great pleasure for me to win acclaim from the provincial leadership。And in2006Years2Month issued by the China association of building decoration engineering committee《Quality、Service shuangyou enterprise》The title of honor!In engineering quality、Construction schedule、On the reputation and management achievements obtained the affirmation!Into the boat decoration company's every employee is proud of it!

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