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Company profile

Company profile

Yellowstone above testing equipment co., LTD. Is a non-destructive testing equipment professional manufacturers,Shanghai mechanical engineering society member of nondestructive testing,The company has to Shanghai(The main research and development)And hubei Yellowstone(The main production)The two bases,The new factory is located in the golden mountain huangshi city of hubei province,Cover an area of an area26m,Plant construction area10000Square meters。Company specializing in the production、Sales of metal corrugated ceramicXRay tube、XRay flaw detector、The pipe/Infuse the spider、Magnetic particle inspection machine、Steer acoustic detection machine and digital industryXX-ray real-time imaging equipment;Design、Production、Lead the door installation、Lead room;Maintenance of nondestructive testing equipment at home and abroad。The company set research and development、Design、The optimum、The sale in a body,The establishment of a strict quality assurance system in timely and efficient after-sales service system。The company in line with the spirit of innovation、Rigorous pragmatic style of work、The attitude of the best、Sincere cooperation intention, Sincere friends、Make progress together。The company's business license:...

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Address: Huangshi city golden mountain development zone industrial park of machinery